Friday, August 13, 2010

You can stand under my "U"mbrella

No, U isn't the next letter in our alphabet, but what I was trying to plan for Q wasn't working and there are only so many days left before school starts so I thought we would skip around a bit to get through the rest of our alphabet. Yesterday the kids were couped up in the house all day while I did some cleaning and it was so dull that when I asked them before bed what their favorite part of the day was they both said, "nothing, we didn't do anything!" Today it has been rainy but instead of being stuck at home again we decided to embrace the weather and frolic in the rain. I let each boy have his own umbrella and they let me take some nice pictures of them. We took off our shoes and splashed in the puddles as it drizzled on us. I was secretly hoping for a good downpour to get us good and wet, but it didn't happen. We'll have to do this again when it's pouring.

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Angie said...

LOVE the umbrella photos Erika. You are not only a great mom by doing the letter/activity with the kiddos but an excellent photographer too!