Friday, August 27, 2010

W is for Waterpark

We are really down to the wire with our alphabet summer. We leave for a week long vacation tomorrow and will get home two days before school starts. We still have two letters to go and I have doubts we will make it, but regardless, we will finish even if it isn't technically summer anymore. Today we took a late afternoon visit to Signal Bay Waterpark with the Wadley's for some fun in the sun. This park is perfect for little kids and I din't have to worry too much about Cameron and Gavin because I knew they could touch everywhere and most of the park is only 1 foot deep. Mason and his friend Luke went down slide after slide, again and again, and again, never tiring from it. We were only there for about two hours but it was just perfect and the kids came home ready for bed so we can get an early start on the road tomorrow. I'm so glad I planned ahead and had everything packed so we could fit this in. I can't believe the pools close in a week!

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