Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Day at Busch

We were THRILLED to hear that the Wilkinsons wanted to take a day to go to Busch Gardens with us and even more thrilled when my mom agreed to go too. We have season passes again this summer and have already been twice this year, but you don't have to twist our arms to go to this awesome park. Especially on a Wednesday when the crowds are next to nothing. We didn't wait long for any of the rides and every single one of us had a blast. My favorite part was going on Apollo's Chariot with my mom that hasn't been on a roller coaster for probably a decade. She was so giddy and laughing so hard the entire time that I had to crack up as well. She was like a little kid all day going on all of the rides, it added so much to our trip. The kids were in heaven having so many cousins to ride their favorite rides with them. We got soaked on all of the water rides and made our way around the whole park with just enough time to watch the fireworks from the parking lot. The day was overflowing with so much happiness and laughter and the kids never complained once. Even though we got stuck in awful traffic on the way home and didn't hit our pillows until 1 am it was still awesome. It truly was the best day ever and I'm so glad I got to spend it with so many that I love.

See Sean, Ryan and Jeremy on the left?
The scariest coaster I've ever been on- The Griffin- It hangs you suspended for 8 seconds before dropping you straight to the ground.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Celebrating the Wilkinsons

This post is so late. This BBQ was actually last Saturday. It's been a rough week!

My sister Becky and her family have been in Bogota, Colombia for the past three years. I have missed her immensely and my children have begged to visit their cousins that they adore. Finally they are here where they belong, but only for a few weeks. They will be moving to Alice Springs, Australia in July. Needless to say we are soaking up as much time with them as possible. My mom had a BBQ for them on Saturday and my sister Kristin came up with her family along with Pop Pop and Jeff's parents. There were 12 cousins in all and never a dull moment. It didn't take long for Mason to warm up to Uncle Kenny- the baby whisperer and the rest of them acted like it was just yesterday that they had been together. Sean is as tall as me and his voice is so deep that I didn't even recognize him on the phone- a sure sign that time really has passed. Mason was just born when they left and now he is a brute of a three year old. Everyone else seems just the same- a bit taller, a bit smarter, but still the sweetest kids around. Everyone has a friend when the cousins are here and I am reminded how important it is for my children to be close with their family- their cousins that they will grow up and grow old with. I hope they are the best of friends no matter how far or how long it has been. Friends come and go but family is forever. I am so grateful for my family and the tight bonds we share.
Ten of the twelve- click to enlarge!

Pop Pop takes a snooze :)
Grandma teaching Ryan how to throw a boomerang

A birthday celebration for Andrew

Friday, June 17, 2011

On to third

Today was Cameron's last day as a second grader. This week has been full of celebrations at school including a field day and a pizza/ice cream sundae party. We've all been counting down the days until today. Last night when I got home from work Cameron was still awake and when I went to say goodnight, I found him sobbing in his pillow, telling me how sad he was that he wouldn't have Mrs. Vlach as his teacher anymore. Poor thing! He made a card for her when he woke up this morning telling her how much he would miss her. I thought he would be excited to start the summer! It was only a half day today and when I picked Cameron up we came home to celebrate! The kids all ran through some streamers I set up on the porch and we broke some school year rules and watched a movie, played the wii and ate home made cinnamon rolls for lunch. I am so happy to have him here with me during the day now, I felt like he was missing out on so much! We have some fun plans for our summer days and I am anxious to get started. Bring on the summer!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Go Rattlers!

I love watching Cameron's baseball games. The kids are finally old enough to sort of know what they're doing and Cameron's team has won or tied all but their first game, so they're pretty good. I remember when Cameron first started in T-ball, and he would be digging in the dirt during the game or dancing around. Not anymore. He always knows exactly where the play is and how many outs they have. He knows the score. He wants to win! Watching him improve has been one of my greatest joys as a mother. He has gained confidence that I hope will carry through to other aspects of his life. I finally remembered my camera today. Mr. Dimple didn't disappoint. He hit and he scored a run. It was a proud walk back to the car after the game. Baseball season is coming to a close, in a week both boys will have their last game. Because of work I have only made it to a fraction of their games which I hate, but the ones I have been to I have made sure to cheer louder than any of the other parents and I've really been able to enjoy them. Today I made a scene and climbed up the fence surrounding the field so I didn't have to take pictures through it. I'm sure it wasn't pretty but I did it for my kid. Because he's awesome and I wanted him to know it. I'll climb things much taller than a fence for him, that's for sure.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Great Country Strawberries

Around here, the end of May and beginning of June mean strawberry picking time. Strawberries right off the vine are the sweetest and juiciest and anyone who knows my kids knows they can down handfuls of strawberries at a time. This year we chose to go to Great Country Farm in Bluemont with our favorite preschool teacher and friend, Mrs. Winger. We were excited to show her all that this place had to offer. I am telling you it was the perfect day, low 80's and a nice breeze, in the shade the kids even complained it was cold! After a week of sweltering with a heat index of 105 on one day, this was a welcome reprieve, and just the right picking weather. We took a tractor ride out to the fields and filled up our containers with the biggest, reddest beauties we could find, tasting one or two along the way (just to make sure they were ripe :). Then we explored all of the fun on the other side of the farm. We saw farm animals, played in a "corn box" went down huge tube slides, and bounced on a "jumping pillow" to name just a few. I am certain that Gavin and Mason could have spent the entire day soaking up the fun, but after a picnic lunch we headed home. After just ending a year of teaching 3-5 year olds every day, I'm not sure if this was Mrs. Winger's idea of a good time, but she definitely seemed to be enjoying herself right along side my littles. We're so lucky to be her friends.