Friday, August 27, 2010

Peach, I mean apple picking

On Thursday my sister Kristin came up with her kids for the day and we went out to Stribling Orchard to pick peaches. Little did we know that the peaches were all picked and the few they had left were way up high and hard as rocks. Lucky for us, Gala apples were in season and we picked bushels, most of which ended up in the kids mouths or discarded because they weren't perfect but we left with our $15 bag full (yikes!) It was another beautiful day and the orchard was deserted so we took our time romping among the trees. Our kids always love it when the cousins come to visit and they pick up right where they left off the last time as if no time has elapsed between visits. I'm so glad that my kiddos have cousins around the same age to frolic with when we get together. After the orchard, we headed to Wegmans for pizza and a birthday cake for my mom. We are surely sucking the most out of this summer and I love it!

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