Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Y is for Yoga

I have been doing yoga up at our clubhouse off and on since Gavin was born. It is wonderfully relaxing and pretty low impact, so it is right up my alley as far as exercise goes. For Y day I taught the kids a few poses and they ate it up! They didn't want to stop and they actually did pretty well!
Mason doing some stretching
Gavin in starfish pose
Cameron in holy fig tree
All of them in downward facing dog


Mandi said...

Why didn't we do this tonight? :) I am sure you would have loved to see me try all those! I am certain even Mason would do it better than I could. If learning that will make me look like you, though, I am in!

Gina said...

That little Mason can really stretch! How cute is that?!!

Angie said...

Your kids are naturals! I love the yoga poses!! I love the pic of Cameron in deep mediation. Ohhhmmmm.