Tuesday, November 27, 2007

And the results are in...

It's a ...


I had my ultrasound this morning and our little peanut is doing just great. He had all his parts and it was very obvious that he was a boy. He was alos jumping all over the place and several times the ultrasound technician commented on how active he was and how he wouldn't stay still. A sign of things to come? I hope not! Cameron was there with Jeremy and I and he was just so interested in everything they were doing and thrilled with being able to peek at his baby brother. It looks like we will be an all boy family which I have finally accepted, and I think I can be happy with that. Believe it or not, this was the only ultrasound I did not cry at, because I think I really did know in my heart that is was another boy. From a woman who wanted all girls, I certainly did not expect all boys, but I really do believe that we are given each of these little ones for a reason, and I cannot wait to meet this little guy. Here are a couple of pictures from the ultrasound, they aren't the best because I actually had to photograph them (we don't have a scanner), but you get the idea.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nibbles and Gobbles!

Jeremy woke up Saturday morning with visions of Dunkin' Donuts dancing in his head. The night before he had made a special trip to one of their stores all the way in Fairfax so that he could have their donuts for breakfast- he loves Dunkin' Donuts in particular, and it is a rare occasion that he actually gets to partake of them. Gavin and I got showered and dressed and then Jeremy and Cameron did the same. Suddenly we both realized that Gavin was not upstairs with us and Jeremy went down to find out where he was and what he was up to. It seems our little troublemaker takes after his daddy when it comes to taste in donuts, because he had taken the box of donuts off the counter and placed each of them on the tray of his high chair for his breakfast. Not only that, but he had taken a bite of every single one! Jeremy quickly called me down to see and I couldn't help but laugh and grab the camera!
On Thursday, Cameron's Preschool class went to the local nursing home to put on a little Thanksgiving performance. I had been told that Cameron would have a speaking part and a singing part, so I was prepared with my camera and video camera to capture his "moment." It was very cute, the kids had all made these turkey hats and did this adorable turkey dance all of which I did get film. They told the story about the first Thanksgiving and each child had a part to tell. Cameron did his perfectly and nice and loud like he was told to do because the people couldn't hear very well. Then they did a sing-along and one of the songs they performed was "I've Been Working on the Railroad." As anyone who knows Cameron knows he is a train fanatic, it came as no suprise that he volunteered for the only solo singing part in this song as he pretended to play the banjo and belted out "Fee Fi, Fiddly I-O, Fee Fi, Fiddly I-O O O O, Strummin' on the Old Banjo!" It was completely adorable and I couldn't wait to show the tape to Jeremy when he got home, but alas, I am a bit technologically challenged and it seems that after I got that very first part of their entrance on tape, I neglected to push the stop recording button and only pressed it once I was ready to record again, meaning that I got a whole half hour of my lap and turned the camera off when it was Cameron's turn. Not too bright... Oh well, when I shared my greivances with his teachers they were quick to console me by telling me that Cameron would probably have many opportunities like that since he has such an outgoing personality. That's my baby! Look for him in a TV commercial in the near future, this is just the beginning!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gavin's Second Year Slideshow

Monday, November 12, 2007

Gavin looks more like...

Cameron looks more like...

Friday, November 9, 2007

Gavin's Second Birthday

Today was Gavin's actual birthday. I gotta admit, I had a bit of a hard time with it. Last night after he had fallen asleep I went in to check on him even though this is something I normally don't do because he is such a light sleeper and sure enough, he woke right up when I came in. When he is half asleep is one of the very few times that he will snuggle with you and so I revelled in the moment and cuddled him like crazy. My last night with my one year old, it was pretty darn sad. He has grown up so fast, I have had a hard time keeping up. I'm not even a big "baby" person, but for some reason this one tugged at my heart strings.

It was pretty low-key day since Gavin already had his party a week and a half ago. My mom brought his present from her- a tricycle, in the morning while Cameron was at school and Gavin could enjoy it uninterrupted, which he did enthusiastically. Then it was a normal day until Jeremy came home and we opened his other gifts together- an outfit and PJ's from Grandma and Grandpa Johnson and from us a school bus and basketball hoop, which was a bug hit. We went to Chipotle for dinner with Grandma and Jeff and then came back home for cake- a school bus for my little one who LOVES the song "The Wheels on the Bus." By then it was pretty much bedtime and I tucked in my big 2 year old who was a baby a mere night before.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


I've been tagged...
The rules:

A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
B. Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves.
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 4 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

Disclaimer: Since my blog is more of a family update, I am going to post a fact about each member. And since every time I complain about being the only girl in our family Cameron reminds me that there are in fact 3 boys and 3 girls living in the Johnson household, I will include our dog Aspen and cat Anya so I have the required 6 facts.

1. Jeremy can't handle blood. When we had our first "baby" Aspen spayed when I was in Tech school, he came to watch through the surgery window. Twice I saw him leave and come back and then he just didn't return. Later he told me he felt dizzy and nauseous. Unfortunately, because of this problem, Jeremy has also had to leave the room when I get my epidural when I've been in labor, abandoning me to fend for myself. He also can't watch shows that are about surgery or giving shots. Good thing he didn't go into medicine.

2. I almost made a world record (maybe). My mother, grandmother and great-grandmother were all born on August 12, and I would have been the 4th generation female to be born on that same date. My birthday is August 6th. I've been impatient ever since.

3. Cameron loves the strangest shows on TV. When he is up late he begs to watch Dirty Jobs and Emeril's cooking show. His vocabulary now includes the phrases "Bam!" and "Oh yeah, baby." And he constantly asks when we can go and be on Emeril's show.

4. Gavin loves to take showers. When he was smaller Jeremy would take him in the shower in the morning because he had a habit of waking up with a dirty diaper every morning (still does) and I just couldn't stand to put him in clean clothes knowing he was stinky. Now every morning he willingly tries to strip down himself and will just sit in the shower until Jeremy comes in there with him. The water in his eyes has never bothered him and some days it's hard to get him to come out!

5. Our dog Aspen is the best dog ever. One of her downfalls is her bad breath and it doesn't help that that is probably partially due to the fact that she likes poopsicles- yup you guessed it- she eats her own poop in the winter if we don't make her come inside right away. So next time she tries to give you a big kiss you better think twice!

6. Our cat Anya is completely neurotic. I blame myself since I adopted her when she was only 4 weeks old and hadn't really learned how to be a cat. Since having kids she hides out a lot and only comes out to be social at night after the kids are in bed or on the rare occasions that the kids are out of the house. I think when Gavin arrived it completely pushed her over the edge and now she will sit and pull out her fur. Her tummy is almost completely bald... We've been told we could put her on kitty prozac, but getting a pill into this cat would prove to be impossible. Poor kitty.

Ok, now I choose to tag Angie Toler, Cara Jones, Sandy Garrett, and Shelese Castle. Go to it ladies!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


The day of Halloween began with Cameron getting ready for a costume party he was having at his preschool. He dressed in his cowboy garb and ran into class without even a kiss or goodbye, because of his excitement. When I picked him up, he had several goodie bags and told me all about how he had the same costume as Mrs. Winger, his favorite teacher. Here are two of the pictures that the teachers emailed to the class of the day:
At about 6:30 the kids and I went out trick-or-treating on our street. Gavin, my little elephant, did not take long to catch on to what he had to do. He was a bit shy for the first few doors, but soon he was saying "trick teet" just like Cameron and wishing everyone "Papee Ween" (Happy Halloween). I couldn't believe that just on our little block the boys both almost filled up their bags, and I even had to carry Gavin's for him due in particular to some looney neighbor that decided to give out bottles of water and weigh down his. Gavin was exhausted when we came home so Jeremy and I traded places and he took Cameron out for more loot. About an hour and a half later they returned with more candy than we can eat in a year- the picture says it all. We dumped out all the candy and inspected it like good parents, throwing aside the "questionable" stuff (like the Almond Joys that I love) and Jeremy sorted the candy into gallon sized ziplock bags according to point value. He has started this thing with Cameron that depending on different chores or good behavior he receives a certain number of points and then can have "pickin's" a term derived from his childhood when his fater did the same thing. Small candy bars are worth 3 points, bagged candy like Skittles and M&M's are 2, and small things like lolly pops and Starbursts are 1. Then he can choose how he would like to spend his points and receive his reward. It's a system that both father and son really love. Last night though, I tried to turn a blind eye to the amount of candy Cameron was eating and just let him enjoy the best part of Halloween, getting sick to your stomach from so much candy... He had such a sugar rush that he did not want to go to bed, but eventually as we all know, he crashed and finally passed out. I don't think there is any question that he thoroughly enjoyed his Halloween and this morning there was just a bit of sadness knowing that is was all over until next year.