Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Earning my keep...

Big changes are a happenin' around here! After 8 years, I've decided to go back to work part time. After Cameron was born, I worked some Saturdays and during dental month, but eventually stopped working there all together to be home with my boys. Every year since then I have kept my license by attending continuing education classes, and every time I would go to one I would wonder if I would ever practice as a Vet Tech again. Well here I am. When I worked for Caring Hands years ago it was just a small practice with three techs and four doctors. Now there are four (soon to be five) practices all around northern Virginia and they have a combined staff of over 110 employees. I felt lucky that they would have me back after being so removed from it for so long. I'm working at the Bristow practice and my first day was yesterday. It would be an understatement to say I'm a bit rusty, I feel like I have to relearn everything! I know it will come back in time. I'll be working three nights a week and every other Saturday and Jeremy will be taking over Mr. Mom duty while I'm gone. I know I will miss my kiddos, but I'm also glad to be able to get out for a bit and do what I used to love. The process of getting used to this new schedule is perhaps the hardest part, but I know we will get in the swing of things soon!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

We woke up to an absolutely beautiful Easter morning this morning. The sun was out and it was forecasted to get into the 80's today. The kids woke up before 7 to look for their Easter baskets and were not disappointed by the bounty found in each. Cameron's big gift was an Uno game with cards from Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Gavin got the second Bob book set he has been asking for, and Mason got a big dinosaur puzzle that he has been doing non-stop. After an early church service, we headed over to Grandma and Jeff's house where we celebrated with Kristin and her family, Jeff's parents and Pop Pop. We had a delicious ham dinner and the kids were spoiled with more Easter goodies and had an egg hunt. We were outside almost the entire time, just soaking up the weather and the company and my boys just loved every minute being with family. Gavin entertained us all by reading his new books to anyone that would listen, and all the kids had very tolerant big people that followed their every whim. I believe everyone in attendance today will be sleeping well tonight and that is where I'll be off to now. Happy Easter!

Spring Break

Although we didn't do anything extravagant on our spring break, I'll bet our kids will tell you that they had an amazing week packed full of fun. At the beginning of the week the kids made a "bucket list" of things they would like to do this week and I think we checked all of them off! One night we grilled hot dogs and s'mores and slept in our tent in the basement. We also colored Easter eggs, went to Frying Pan park, the circus, and our ward's Easter party where Cameron took home second place in the Peeps diorama contest! Not pictured were our many playdates, bike rides, picnics, playgrounds, visits to the library, and to the indoor pool- all listed on our check off sheet. We were blessed with beautiful weather all week, even though the temperature ranged from the high 40's to the low 80's, we only really had rain for one day, so we were able to be outside a lot. All in all, it was a great break and none of us are ready for it to end.

Monday, April 18, 2011

My biggest boy

Can you believe it has taken me this long to get these pictures of Cameron? That's what happens when you're at school all day and have a gazillion activities after school and on weekends. This boy is my solid, dependable, soft hearted guy. Cameron loves to be the big brother. He will happily entertain his brothers but can also get a bit bossy. I have to constantly remind him that I am the mom, not him. He is also my biggest worrier. He worries about everything, especially natural disasters. When the big tsunami hit Japan he was afraid the same thing would happen here. He had the most sincere prayers for those people and also chose to fast for them this month. He is also worried about tornadoes, even though we don't see many of those here. He is scared of bees, just like his momma and I have tried so hard to be stronger in that area just for him. He is still as obsessed with money as ever, and recently started a quarter collection of all of the states. He loves all things legos and is looking forward to entering a local competition in a couple of weeks. He is very excited to start taking piano and I have already tried to teach him some of the very few things that I know and he will ask again and again if he can practice. I hope he keeps that drive! Currently he is doing swim team at our neighborhood pool and just started baseball. He also loves scouts and we are finding that all of his activities keep us going constantly! He does well in school and especially likes math and science. We are so proud of how hard he works. This one will always be my first baby- the one that made me a mom for the first time and for that he will always hold a special place in my heart. I seriously adore this kid, he never ceases to amaze us all!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The finished piano

So remember this piano that I told you I was going to do something amazing to? The one I got for FREE on craigslist? Well it has been sitting on a tarp in the middle of my living room for over two weeks now fighting the good fight. This transformation was not easy, but in the end it was totally worth all of the work.This is what it looked like after I took apart all of the pieces that I could and tried to protect the keys and inner workings.
And this is after it got a sanding and a coat of primer.
After about three coats of paint here is the finished product. I am in love with it!
I just love the delicate details around the edges.
And although at first I thought it looked like she needed her teeth whitened, the yellowed keys have grown on me and I love the character they give the whole piece.
This piano is so unique, it was built in 1943 and is called a box piano because the top folds down, well, like a box over top of the keys. I spray painted the hinges and screws, and the pedals a fresh silver color and I just think it's perfect.
Here she is in all her glory in our living room. LOVE it!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Mason 2-3 Montage

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A baby no more

Today the littlest man of the house turned three. He has been looking forward to this day ever since we started asking him what he would like for his birthday. He always answered "a dinosaur cake." It wasn't until this morning that he realized gifts were part of the deal too. The highlight of the presents was an Imaginext fire station we bought him and all three of the boys have been playing with it all day. We just love Imaginext toys at our house! The box says ages three to eight so it was perfect for our brood. We went out to eat at Red Robin, then took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese to play for a while. After that it was back home for dinosaur cake and ice cream and a Diego movie for the birthday boy.

All this week we have been working on potty training. I think this is the third time I've tried with Mason and I was determined to have it done before he was three. He is now the oldest of my boys to be rid of diapers and it has been a rocky road to say the least. We are making slow progress but hopefully we will be out of the woods soon. I am open to suggestions!

As sad as I am to be done having a "baby" I am so looking forward to the years ahead as all the boys get older and we can start enjoying some of the same things. We went to Busch Gardens on Monday and I loved being able to go on roller coasters with Cameron. It will be nice when we can all go together.

Happy Birthday Mason! We love having you in our family!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Our Little April Fools

Last night someones parents were up to no good painting mustaches on their children's faces in preparation for April Fools. The boys each woke up and told the other that they had marker on their face so they ran into our room to see if Jeremy and I had one too. Mason was really not amused and kept trying to lick his off. When the kids came down to breakfast something was wrong with the cereal. The milk was frozen at the bottom of the bowl! They actually enjoyed having to chip their cereal off in chunks, silly boys. That's all we had up our sleeves this year, but I think I'm in trouble when these kids get old enough to get back at mom and dad...