Monday, August 9, 2010

"P"izza at the "P"ool

My camera sure has been getting a lot of mileage with this alphabet summer. I'm so glad that it is forcing me to capture moments that I wouldn't otherwise. I never take my camera to the pool, but I had to for pizza at the pool day tonight. As a family we all went to the neighborhood pool to get some respite from all of this heat and for a real treat- pizza! My kids are usually the ones looking longingly at all of the other families that order pizza when they come to the pool, but tonight we were the ones getting the looks. Mason is getting better at floating with his life jacket on, Gavin is really becoming fearless in the water and I don't worry about Cameron at all anymore, he has blossomed into a great swimmer this summer!

For Becky- a picture of the famous gut!

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Cherilyn said...

Sweet Mason - wish I could squeeze that tummy!