Thursday, August 19, 2010

T is for Temple

Today the boys and I jumped in the car and headed to the DC temple. It was the perfect day to take a picnic lunch and just wander around the temple grounds. We went into the Visitors Center and saw the famous Christus statue and even got to see a short movie. Then we walked around the temple to some benches to have our lunch. It was peaceful and not too hot in the shade and the kids enjoyed throwing acorns at each other... Boys can make a weapon out of anything! Despite getting lost because of a road closure on the way there and then sitting in traffic so a 45 minute trip takes an hour and a half on the way back, it was a worthwhile trip and the kids want to go back with a frisbee. Since we only really take the kids up to the temple at Christmastime this was a special treat and something we ought to do more often.
Gavin is searching for gold...

Gavin just had his hands down his pants so now his underwear is showing. Classic.

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Tami said...

What a great T! I love your pictures! Love the new header umbrella picture. AMAZING! Love the temple pictures!