Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I didn't think I'd cry...

Tonight Gavin graduated from preschool. Today was his last day and for some reason when I dropped him off I just couldn't pull myself together. Mason will be going to the fabulous 4 R's next year so it wasn't that I would miss the school, it's just that I feel like Gavin's childhood is fading and I'm not ready. But he is, oh is he ever! This kid shined like a star in his little teddy bear's picnic performance tonight. He had the biggest grin on his face all night and he sang all the songs the loudest and did his parts perfectly. He was in such a great mood! My favorite moment of the night was in the beginning when all of the children were introducing themselves as bears, and it went as follows, "I'm Eva bear, I'm Sammy bear..." Some of the kids were adding things like, "I love my family" or "I like dogs" and Gavin said, "I'm Gavin bear and my cat bites me!" Maybe you had to be there but everyone was cracking up. I started to lose it again when the kids came out in their graduation gowns and got their diplomas, Gavin looked so grown up. I couldn't be prouder of this little boy and the progress he has made in these past two years. He has been loved so much by these three women who give that school their all. He has been given the perfect start to school and life, I wouldn't change a thing. Mrs. Peacock put it best as she said that they have been cocooned these past two years and prepared in every way for today when they become a butterfly and can spread their wings and fly. I guess I can't keep him a caterpillar forever.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

This one makes me so very proud

I keep forgetting to take my camera to Cameron's baseball games so this is the only picture I have of him in his uniform this season. I better remember to get some pictures before this season is over!

Jeremy came from a very athletic family. He and his brothers were all very big into baseball and so it was only natural for us to start Cameron in baseball too. Unfortunately, I do not come from an athletic gene pool, the only sport my family ever did was swimming, and I don't think I ever even watched an entire baseball game until I met Jeremy. Cameron has been playing every spring since he was 5, and as much as he loves the game, it definitely does not come naturally to him. We almost didn't sign him up this year because last year he never hit the ball once. Not even once. It was so painful as a parent to watch because I was just holding my breath waiting for Cameron to want to give up. But he never did. And when it came time to sign up for this spring he didn't even hesitate with an enthusiastic "yes!" So I signed him up and put in a request for a very patient coach to take my boy under his wing. This season Cameron is a Timber Rattler and he has the best team ever. The other boys on his team are all so encouraging and positive. I overheard one little boy tell Cameron that he had the best swing on the team and if he would just make contact with the ball he would hit a home run! His coach is just plain amazing. Cameron has had good, well meaning coaches in the past, but nothing ever really clicked. This season is different. Part of it may be just that Cameron has matured a great deal and he really has started to understand the game better, but his coach has definitely helped him along. The best part? Cameron is finally starting to hit the ball! Today I got to see him hit one right down the middle and even score the first run of the game! Last week he hit it twice and got a few fouls. I have never been more relieved and Cameron has never been more proud of himself. This is huge progress for us. Every single family on the team is rooting for my boy. They were all screaming his name today and I'll admit, I may have gotten a little teary. I know he may never be the best player on the team but I am just so happy that he is finally getting it and can feel like he is contributing to the success of his team. He has worked so hard, it is so wonderful to finally see it pay off, even just a little bit. This momma is so proud and I have learned such an important lesson from my son- never give up on something you love.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Puddle Jumpin'

It's kinda been a rainy mess here the past few days and it's supposed to rain the rest of the week. Instead of complaining about it, today we chose to embrace it and make the most out of the couple of hours between thunderstorms and find some good puddles to jump in. A good puddle has certain characteristics- not too shallow but not too deep, not muddy or squishy, and wide enough for two brothers. It took us a while to find suitable jumping puddles and the two littlest boys loved not having any limits on their splashing (unlike the tub). Mason bowed out first, annoyed that his clothes were getting wet, but Gavin continued until I had to drag him out like a wet rat. This part of having boys I love, this activity sure ain't for no sissy girls!

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Busy Life

I used to to think my life was pretty busy, busing kids around to activities, volunteering at the school, church commitments, Bunko, trying to fit in a yoga class here and there, but boy was I wrong! I remember a while back thinking that I needed to get rid of all of the plants in the house because I simply could not take care of another thing! That pales in comparison to where I am now. How does anyone have a family and work? This new schedule is like constantly trying to lasso a tornado. Every day Jeremy and I have to go over the calendar to figure out who will take Gavin to practice and Cameron to scouts, or chess club, or magic school, or what do we do when I'm at work and the boys both have baseball games scheduled at the same time at different fields?! I'm not gonna lie, it's been tough, but we are weathering the storm of readjustment. On the days that I work I have to get baseball uniforms accounted for and set out along with dinner that can be ready at the push of a button so it isn't too much more work for Jeremy. Speaking of Jeremy, he has turned into somewhat of a super-dad, remembering snacks and toys that will keep antsy kids (Mason) busy for a few minutes which has earned him a spot as the favorite parent at the moment. I love that he can spend this time with them and they are sucking the marrow out of every moment with him. These are good changes, but even though it has been three weeks, we are still getting used to it all. I know that I have been neglecting friends and housework, trying to find room for it all, but fit it will! My camera has been sorely neglected as well, which just won't do. So my request is just that you continue to be patient with the Johnson's while we put our puzzle back together. We are so thankful for the mountain of support that has been extended already and it makes us so filled with love for friends and family. We know where to turn if we need help. Right now life is good and getting settled, hopefully we'll be there soon. In the mean time, does anyone want a plant or two??

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

A few weeks ago we were at the mini library by our house and I noticed a flyer for a fundraiser one of the schools was having to raise money for our library. What caught my attention was the lego competition they were having for the kids. Cameron is my die-hard lego guy and recently Gavin has been getting in on the fun too, so I knew they would love to make something for the contest. Cameron worked especially hard on his reproduction of the Washington Monument complete with reflecting pool and tourists and Gavin made a small motor boat with a man driving holding dynamite to ward off the piranhas. We entered with the kids having high hopes and us parents trying to be more realistic and today was the judging. The kids were thrilled to find certificates by both of their creations. Gavin won first place for his age group and Cameron had won second! That would have been enough right there but the kids got some really awesome prizes- Gavin a huge lego set and Cameron three containers full of miscellaneous legos. They also both got a lego computer game. You would have thought we hit the jackpot! It has been lego heaven all day. Watch out for those Johnson boys at the next lego showdown!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Iron Pig

Both Cameron and Gavin started baseball in April. Due to all of the rain that we had, most of their practices were cancelled and their games were pushed back. Last week was Gavin's first game of the season and he couldn't be more excited to play T-ball. His team is called the Iron Pigs and he thinks that is the silliest name ever (I do too). Every day he asks me if he is going to Iron Pigs today- so cute. Since the kids had hardly practiced, the first game was a bit of a disaster, nobody knew what to do and people were yelling from all sides trying to help but not succeeding, it was pretty funny. But Gavin was proud as a peacock to finally be in the spotlight instead of having to watch his older brother from the sidelines. He ate up the attention and he thought he did awesome. I sure do love to see them in their darling little uniforms, trying to look so tough. Now Mason is the one stuck on the blanket in the grass and with two older brothers in baseball, he has twice as many games to sit through, poor thing!