Sunday, August 8, 2010

Eleven Years

Jeremy and I celebrated our 11th anniversary yesterday. As we do every anniversary, we sat down and looked through our wedding album and talked about the day we got married. It was a special day, but like every bride, there are things I would do differently now. Last night I told Jeremy that I wish we had eloped and it was just the two of us without any of the stresses that normally accompany weddings. Of course I know it never would've happened that way, but it sounds awfully romantic and exciting, doesn't it?
Even though we are older, fatter, and have less hair and more wrinkles, we are still so in love. It isn't the puppy dog love that it started out as, but a deeper, more mature love that has gotten better with age. We are a pretty happy couple and I'm a pretty lucky gal.


Jamie said...

Happy 11 years!!!

Brooke said...

I love the then and now pictures. I'll tell you what, I have no regrets that we eloped. It made for a stress free and CHEAP wedding. :)

On the down side, we don't have any pictures to look back on like you do. Here's to the next eleven!

just jen said...

so cute....i want to see more wedding pictures!

Robyn said...

How sweet! It's fun to look back on who we were and who we've become! Have a wonderful year!