Monday, August 2, 2010


We had a little tour of the movie theater today. Joseph took us up to where the projectors are and explained to us how the film movies work, all wound up in giant discs of tape that wind through big machines that project it onto the screen. He also showed us the new digital 3-D movies that come on a tiny flash drive, with no huge rolls of film. I guess that is the wave of the future, but he says they cost 6 times as much as a regular movie and the projectors are much more expensive too. He gave the kids strips of an old movie to keep, and I felt old as I tried to explain that it was like a negative, considering they have only experienced digital cameras in their lifetimes. It was very cool to get behind the scenes and see how movies really work. We now have a better understanding of who is up in that hole where the projector is and can wave to Joseph next time we catch a flick.

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