Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pilgrims and Indians

We had a great day filled with family, food, and some little pilgrims and indians. I am so thankful for holidays like today! Happy Thanksgiving 2009!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Missing Deborah

Last week a very old friend of mine passed away from ovarian cancer. She was 57 and possibly the most dynamic, energetic, colorful person I ever knew. I met her in high school when I started going to the Mormon church, then she was called to teach my seminary class (a before school meeting at church where we studied the scriptures), and then she became a role model and dear, dear friend. I remember the long late night talks we had during my high school and early college years. She was full of wisdom and seemed to have an infinite amount of time to devote to me. Despite the age difference between us I never felt like Deborah was much older than me, we hung out at the mall and sang karaoke at the top of our lungs. She had a son that was on a mission when I met her and she would talk about how when he came home we would fall madly in love and then I could really be family. In fact, Jay and I did become amazing friends and even dated a bit, but it was not to be. That is where our lives took a turn and we lost touch. I got married and started a family and she moved around from city to city trying to promote her singing career. The last phone call I got from her was 10 years ago, the morning of my wedding day with her well-wishes. We went from being so close to not keeping in touch at all. How could such a thing happen? At one point in my life she meant so very much to me and now that she is gone I regret every day that I didn't call her or look her up. Even when Jay called in February and told me that she had cancer and that things didn't look good I wrote a letter to her, but never sent it because I wanted to get a picture of our family developed to send along with it and kept forgetting. Did she know what a difference she made in my life? On Sunday I found out the news that she was gone and spent most of the morning in tears, mourning, wondering why I never took the time to send her my letter. I have been beating myself up over it ever since. Well Deborah, this post is for you, far too late but it is written from my heart. Thank you for investing your time and your heart into a young girl that needed direction and a good friend. You will be missed.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Soccer has ended

Soccer is over! The boys had a fun season, but for me it was a bit long. So many practices and overscheduled Saturdays, I am glad that we can have some relaxing evenings and weekends for a while. Saturday was the last scheduled games for the boys and since we had been having rain for three days straight Gavin's game was cancelled and he just got together with his team for cupcakes and trophies. Cameron still had his game because it was scheduled to be on the turf fields and he played the best I have seen him play all season. Jeremy and I bribed him mid season telling him we would give him $5 if he scored a gaol thinking it would give him some extra motivation. It seemed to have worked, except Cameron wasn't able to make a goal. During half time at the game he came up to me crying that the season was over and he would never be able to make a goal. I tried praising him for working so hard and really trying, but he was just upset he wasn't going to make any money! After his game we all went to a local burger joint to have lunch and get trophies. The boys both had great coaches this year that inspired them and helped them excell. I'm not sure if there is more soccer in our near future, but Cameron says he wants to play again which means it was a success in our house! I think we may wait a year or two for Gavin since he really doesn't have the drive quite yet. There will be no argument from the taxi driver!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Keeping with tradition... Gavin Montage 3-4 years

Birthday Boy Gavin

Today my little boy got big. Gavin is 4, can you beleive it? Maybe it is because he is the middle child, but these birthdays sure do sneak up on me. We have a tradition for birthdays in our house- you get to pick where you want to eat for dinner and what kind of cake you want to have. Gavin knew right away the answer to both of these questions- McDonalds for dinner and a UPS cake (he has had UPS on the brain, can you tell?) As soon as Daddy got home from work we went to McD's and Gavin had his usual, chicken nuggets with fries and apples and chocolate milk, and then we came home and Grandma and Jeff came over for cake (not my best cake by far, but it was the best I could do!) At least it tasted yummy. For a few weeks now we have been asking the older boys to start their Christmas and birthday lists. We have been getting some toy magazines in the mail and Gavin pours over them. As much as Cameron was into trains, Gavin is into trucks and tractors. ANY truck he finds he wants even though our basement is filled with dump tucks, fire trucks, cement trucks, garbage trucks, cranes, and the like, he wants a whole fleet. This year he has asked for a snow plow, a street sweeper and a cherry picker, so when I actually saw a cherry picker truck I had to get it for him even though it went against my better judgement. The pure and simple joy on that kids face when he opened it was more than enough to let me know I had chosen well and he has been playing with it all day. Then when my mom came by tonight she brought his gift of a real construction man outfit. He didn't want to take it off for bed, he just loves the goggles and measuring tape that came with it. So it seems that two of my boys will grow up to be a train engineer and a construction worker (or a UPS man). I was a good day filled with lots of smiles and happy boys. I wish it could be like this every day. Happy Birthday Gavs!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Pops!

Yesterday we had a party for my grandfather who will turn 85 on Wednesday. It was a big surprise and he was delighted! We took him to his favorite restaraunt to eat, to visit Granny's grave, and then back to his place for cake and gifts. He got pajamas, a gift card to Red Lobster and several bottles of liquor. He sure was happy! Way to rock it at 85, Pops!