Sunday, December 2, 2012

With my own two hands

I am a pinterest addict.  I'm on there almost every day, pinning ideas that I'd like to tackle, most of them great ideas in my head that never leave my computer screen.  One day I found the plans for this great farmhouse table that had benches that I've been wanting for our kitchen for some time.  But I've never built anything, I've never even used a saw before, how could I fathom taking on something this big?  Well, I decided to start small.  Jeff lent me a saw, Dr. Richards lent me something called a Kreg Jig that I needed and I walked into Lowes with the plans for one of the benches.  I made it out of pine which is super inexpensive and I figured if the bench turned out ok then I would make another bench and then the table, if not, I didn't waste that much money after all.  I handed my list of supplies to one of the lumber men and he hooked me up with everything I needed.  I tried to be super precise with each step because I have a tendency to get bored with projects in the middle and either never finish them or become careless and make mistakes.  I watched videos.  I measured each cut twice and took my time.  I sanded and painted and stained and in the end I was pleased with the results.  So I made another that turned out even better than the first.  At last I started the table with the intention of having it done by Thanksgiving.  Colder temperatures threatened to thwart my plans which requires 50 + degrees for painting/staining/polyurethaning.  But we got a couple of warmer days and it all came together nicely.  I must say I am a little bit proud since it is my first go at carpentry.  There are a lot of flaws that I see, but luckily, most people don't.  And it has stood up to the boys now for over a week so that in itself is saying something!  I love how big it is and hope to be getting a new rug for Christmas that will go underneath it.  It makes me happy to see my family eating at something that I made for them.


Kerri said...

I love your table and I am so impressed you made it yourself. That is an amazing accomplishment!

Corri said...

I am BEYOND impressed! That looks like a beautiful, amazing family heirloom.

I think that woodworking is one of those really valuable, increasingly rare skills. I'd love to do some someday... and love to see any more of your projects!