Wednesday, December 26, 2012

White (day after) Christmas

This winter has been pretty warm.  We've wondered if we would ever get any snow at all this year.  Then, like clockwork, on the Friday when the kids got off the bus on the first official day of winter, we had big fat flurries come down for about 10 minutes.  The kids went crazy!  We had more on Christmas Eve which was perfect in setting the mood for the Christmas spirit, but it all melted by Christmas day and never amounted to anything substantial.  Today we woke up to find more snow falling and sticking!  As quickly as we could, we put on hats, gloves and boots and went out to have a snowball fight, and sled in our backyard that is perfect only for sledding, as long as you stop yourself before falling into the creek.  There was just enough snow and the boys had a blast.  Then the snow turned to sleet and rain and we retreated indoors for hot chocolate and a bath.  We are hoping for loads more before the break is through!

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Corri said...

That looks like an amazing backyard! And a creek, too? Can the kids go wading in the summer?