Monday, November 26, 2012


I love hosting Thanksgiving every year for my family.  It's the cooking mixed with the family togetherness that makes me happy.  My kids may not love the fact that we host Thanksgiving though because I make them help clean and turn into a mad woman about two days before...  This year was smaller than the past few have been, we only had my sister Kristin and her family, mom and Jeff and Jeff's parents here at the house.  You might notice the new addition to our kitchen which will get some better pics to follow, our new table which was made with my own to hands from start to finish!  Please indulge my gloating as I am pretty proud of it for my first carpentry project.  I worked like crazy to get it done for Thanksgiving.  I love that it fit all of the cousins without any folding chairs- just the two benches!  Our day was simple and quiet and cut a bit short by an illness with one of Kris' kids, but still memorable and fun.  We didn't even get to our thankful tree but we did talk about what we are so very thankful for, our family being number one.

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Anonymous said...

Your table looks great!!! Can't wait to hear more about it.
Looks like a fun Thanksgiving. The boys are looking so much older.