Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ten Years Ago

I became a mom.  And this boy of mine changed my world from day one.  Cameron is the sweetest, most compassionate kid I know and he is growing into such a remarkable young man.  Today has been an all day celebration of a decade of his presence here.  We had eggs, pancakes and bacon for breakfast and then 6 buddies of his came over to build marshmallow guns and play capture the flag in the gusty, frigid weather we are having.  We then had nachos and played his new video game and built a lego helicopter together.  This evening we went to spend some of his gift cards and ate at 5 Guys, the best burger joint around.  Then we came home and Cameron skyped with Austin while we sang Happy Birthday and had the most delish chocolate peanut butter cake ever.  Man does he miss his buddy in New Zealand.  After a Christmas movie it was time for bed but the night isn't ever yet.  Per tradition, I'm waking him up at 11:00 pm, the time he was born.  He's still nine until then :)

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Lynette said...

Happy Birthday! Cameron is a very sweet TEN year old!