Thursday, December 6, 2012

Goin' to the Lodge

I just realized that I never posted about our trip to Great Wolf Lodge after Thanksgiving.  This has become an anticipated family tradition that we all look forward to each year.  The kids never tire of the waterpark, and frankly neither do Jeremy and I.  Now that the kids are all old enough to do some things on their own, it really is a treat to just go and we all have a good time.  This year the highlight was the wave rider thing they have where you boogie board on the giant wave simulator.  Even Mason did it this year and with much success!  The lines were short or non existent so they did it again and again, getting better each time.  We are just waiting for Mason to be big enough to go on the tornado, the biggest slide in the park so we can all do that one together.  It's always such a great kick off to the Christmas season and we love to be together as a family making memories.

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