Thursday, June 7, 2012


As a general rule, we don't do sleepovers, but we always make exceptions for the Tolers.  Angie ran a half marathon last Saturday so we were privileged to have Ash and Austin stay with us Friday night.  To say the boys were stoked would be an understatement.  Even Mason couldn't wait.  Uniterruped play time was quite the novelty and they went late into the night until we finally made them go to bed.  I had planned on all of the kids sleeping in a tent in the basement, but the "big kids" didn't want the "little kids" downstairs with them.  Gavin and Ashley decided to set up in his room, with Ashley on the floor in her sleeping bag.  The giggles went on in the dark and I remembered how much fun I had at so many sleepovers as a kid.  In the morning we had waffles with ice cream on top and my kids were astonished that I would serve dessert for breakfast.  I even let them have as much as they wanted.  Then they went to go swim at the pool with Jeremy and before we knew it Angie ran her little heart out and landed back home to fetch her kids.  I just love the sweet little friendships these guys have, we just love those Toler kids!

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Lisa Allen said...

Pretty awesome!! Waffles and ice are a too much fun!