Thursday, June 7, 2012

Piano Man

Cameron has been taking piano lessons since September.  He has made tremendous progress and he has the best teacher ever- my dear friend Angie.  This was his second recital and he did so awesome.  He was incredibly nervous but he still did great.  We are so proud of him and in awe of how far he has come so quickly.  Piano seems to really be his thing.  I hope he sticks with it and continues to excel.  

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Mandi said...

I have been on your blog catching up for about a half an hour now. I swear, I am just rarely on the internet anymore. If I am, I jump on my email and maybe facebook real quick, but I just haven't done blogs at all. I am a terrible, awful friend! I feel so bad for not knowing about Aspen! That must have been so hard. Your post made me cry. Your boys are looking so old and so delicious! I miss you!