Saturday, June 16, 2012

School's Out for Summer!

The big boys finished another year of school yesterday.  We have a rising first and fourth grader in the house now!  They got out early yesterday and were greeted by grandma and I who took them to Zinga, our new favorite frozen yogurt place and then back to her house to make marshmallow guns and have a big, sugary war.  The guns are awesome and we can't wait to play with them some more.  Then we came home to our traditional streamers to run through and a big bucket of new summer "stuff."  We're looking forward to some letterboxing, popsicle making, pool fun, s'mores roasting, drive in movies, workbooks (well, the kids aren't looking forward to them), and some fun crafts.  Both boys are excited to be home now, but there were some tears shed over missing teachers.  I remember those days, summer vacation sure is bittersweet.  I for one am so happy to have them all to myself for a couple of months.  We're so proud of both boys and all they accomplished this year, Gavin improved his grades all year, lot's of S+'s, and Cameron did amazing, straight A's for that kid and he was just selected for the gifted program.  That was quite the rigorous process to even apply, but he's in it now until 12th grade.  Jeremy and I are swelling with pride at how these boys have progressed.  We can't wait to have some awesome summer adventures together!

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