Wednesday, May 30, 2012

4R's Finale

Last night Mason had his 4R's end of the year preschool performance.  It was all nursery rhymes and Mason was tight lipped about which ones he would participate in.  Turns out he had many roles, including a farmer, a pig, a flower and a butcher, and he narrated Little Miss Muffett.  He was in great spirits for the performance and really hammed it up whenever it was his turn on stage.  It sure is hard to believe that his first year in preschool has come to an end and that summer is already here!  Mason can't wait to go back to 4R's in the fall and I am glad that I have two weeks of him home with just me before the older boys are home all day.  I'm loving having him home to myself!

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Lisa Allen said...

VERY CUTE!!!! I love that boy!