Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bull Run Mountain

Jeremy and I have lived here now for more than a decade.  We've been all around the Manassas Battlefield on the many trails it has to offer and have taken the kids all over it as well.  There are also a few other hikes we like to take the kids on that we frequent.  A few weeks ago our family made a goal to hike 40 times in the next year.  So far we have done four.  A friend had mentioned hiking Bull Run Mountain a while back, but I didn't know any details about where this was or how long, etc until I looked it up when we were looking for a family hike the week before Easter.  To get to the top of the mountain and back is 5 miles, and although we knew Mason would never make it, we still set off to give it a try.  We were excited to find a whole maze of trails hidden not 5 miles from our home with historical significance as well.  That day we got about a mile from the top before we had to turn back due to the family member with the shortest legs.  Another day we went back in search of a letter box we heard was hidden and zig-zagged a different way than before, finding the old ruins of Chapman's mill, and cemetery, and well.  I still wanted to make it to the summit and yesterday my friend Kathie and I did it.  It was indeed a strenuous hike, but once we found the lookout there was no doubt it was worth it. You come through the trees to find a huge rocky cliff that jets out so that you can see about 270 degrees around you.  It was absolutely breathtaking!  Even the birds were flying down below us and a veteran hiker informed us that you can also look down on helicopters flying below.  I can't wait to take Jeremy.  Definitely a gem that I wish I had known about sooner.  Who knew?

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