Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4 year old Mason!

Mason's much anticipated birthday was Monday and it was a thrill from start to finish! We ate Curious George cake for breakfast and then hopped in the car to meet our cousins at Kings Dominion! This was Mason's first time there and he loved every bit of it. We rode the scrambler, the flying Eagles, the big ferris wheel and the Avalanche roller coaster, as well as some of the smaller kiddie rides. He would have gone on everything if he could've, he was not afraid at all this year! After the park we went to a local pizza place with everyone and stayed too late enjoying each others company. The birthday boy passed out on the ride home and woke up only enough to brush his teeth and get his PJ's on. He was worn out! It pains me to even think of how old he has gotten, seemingly overnight. Today at preschool they celebrated his birthday and one of his teachers said it seemed like yesterday I was pregnant with Mason. No kidding. No matter how old he gets, he will always be my baby.

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Kristy said...

Happy birthday, Mason! Crazy that these boys are so big now!