Sunday, April 1, 2012


Before I begin, I need to explain that a few days after we invited Prim into our home we took in another pregnant cat that Jeremy named Lillian after his grandmother who by the way was allergic to cats and hated them. Lily was another one of the cats brought into the clinic from the animal shelter to be spayed and you could tell just by looking at her that she was pretty far along. We already had one cat in the bathroom, what difference would two make? We waited and waited, and waited some more. There were many false alarms and a lot of disappointed and impatient family members, myself included and for a while we thought these cats would never give birth. Jeremy and I actually tricked the kids for April Fools day and told them the kittens had been born this morning. Looks like the joke was on us! I found Lily in a different spot than she usually is and she was breathing pretty heavily. As I watched her I could see her abdomen contracting and I quickly got the kids to come and watch. It wasn't long before the first kitten emerged, a little orange one and Lily knew just what to do. The first was followed by three little brown tabbies all wet and perfect, and looking to nurse immediately. Cameron thought it was awesome and he never left her side, except to go and get the camera for me. We all agreed the part about her eating the placentas was pretty gross, but it was so amazing that she seemed like she had done this many times before and it all came so naturally. The boys didn't make her nervous at all like I thought they might. She is such a sweet cat, I think she knew we were all there to help. Now we all feel like pros and when Prim decides to have her babies, we will all know what to do. The miracle of birth is amazing, whether it is a human baby or a kitten, so amazing to be able to witness.


Lisa Allen said...

Beautiful!! Amazing!! Really special!! Wish I could have been there to witness it! Wow!

Have fun with them!


Shelese said...

Wonderful! I remember watching our dog have puppies when I was around Cameron's age. Pretty amazing! (and a little gross you're right)