Friday, September 30, 2011


It just wouldn't be fall around here without a trip to Stribling Apple Orchard. We go every year with 4 R's preschool and this was Mason's turn to go and have my complete attention! He is pretty much loving that his brothers are in school all day and he gets me all to himself. I must say, I really love it too. It was a soggy day that got soggier as the day wore on, but we made the most of the beautiful scenery and delicious apples. Our favorite are the Golden Delicious, they aren't the prettiest, but they definitely are the sweetest and we picked a bag full of them before it really started to pour. Mason kept saying how much fun he had the entire ride home and I was grateful that it doesn't take much to keep him entertained. We'll all be enjoying an apple a day for a while at our house!

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Mandi said...

LOVE the picture of just the boots and the apples. I miss that little man terribly!