Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to School

Another summer come and gone, another year of school begins. Today was a big day in our house, we now have two Mountain View Cougars under our roof! Cameron will be in third grade this year and has a new teacher at our school , Ms. Dalton. Gavin starts Kindergarten and has Mrs. Williams, the best Mountain View has to offer and I'm thrilled!

Last night the lunches were packed, new outfits were set out waiting for the morning, Jeremy gave each of the kids father's blessings, and backpacks were stuffed full of new school supplies. Everything was ready and We sat the boys down to talk about the new year and our family theme, "I can do hard things." I have not been worried about Gavin going to school. He has been so excited and ready to go, I just knew everything would go smoothly. But last night during our discussion he broke down and started crying, saying he didn't want to go. Cameron was such a great big brother and reassured him of all of the fun things to do at school, recess, coloring, PE, art, music, and lunch and told him he would just be down another hall if he needed him. That did the trick and he was fine. This morning they both seemed in good spirits and I was able to take them into school and meet their teachers. Cameron acted cool and just went to check out who he knew in his class,, but he wasn't too big to give his mom a squeeze before I left. Gavin met his teacher and put his things away and then went to go and color without saying goodbye. I think that's a pretty good sign. I can't wait until this afternoon when they come home on the bus and tell me all about their day. I'm so glad they are there together and having these new experiences. I'm so excited for all of the learning they are just beginning!

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