Friday, September 30, 2011

Secret Agent Man

This past weekend we were graced with visitors. Jeremy's brother Cary has been out here for several months, attending the FBI Academy in Quantico and he graduated on Tuesday so his wife Sarah and their brand new baby Jenna flew out and stayed with us. We've loved having some of Jeremy's family close by, even if just for a couple of months and have enjoyed the weekends when Uncle Cary has come to visit so it is sad to see him go, especially for our kids. He has been a rough and tumble Uncle, willing to wrestle with them all and they loved every minute. It was so nice to have a relaxing weekend with Sarah here and Jenna became the new "kitten" in the house, with my children fighting over who gets to hold her or be in her face. Poor baby :) On Tuesday Jeremy and Sarah went to the graduation and Cary won the academics award for the whole class of 55 students, incredible! Jeremy was honored to be able to attend and is really proud of his little brother. They will be moving to Miami but we are crossing our fingers for a DC post to come!

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