Monday, August 1, 2011

Little swimmers

The boys finished swim team this weekend. Their team has had an amazing season, they swam undefeated and won the title for the division. Yesterday they had their little awards ceremony and got their last ribbons and medals. It has been an exhausting two months, with practices both mornings and nights, and marathon meets starting early on Saturdays and not ending until past noon sometimes. But the kids have progressed so much! Gavin is a clumsy, uncoordinated swimmer at this point, but he is only five and one of the youngest swimmers on the team. He had a tendency to get distracted during practice, but when he focused, he really did well. This year he swam freestyle. They tried him in backstroke at the beginning of the season, but he always got DQ'ed for flipping over to see how much farther he had to go. His favorite thing were the meets because the kids swapped treats with a big brother or big sister and Gavin's big sister adored him and spoiled him with candy and toys every week. Cameron really loves swim team. His favorite stroke is breaststroke, but he is actually best at backstroke and butterfly. It's hard to believe that he went from only being able to swim free and back last year, to the other strokes and even relays this year. He placed at several of the meets and improved his personal best every time he swam. He is a very hard worker and tries his best to implement his coaches instructions. We are so proud of both of the boys for their perseverance through the season. Tsunamis rock!!

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Corri said...

Your little guys are looking so big, but are as adorable as ever! I hope that the rest of your summer is wonderful!