Sunday, August 28, 2011

The "Lego" Museum

We were supposed to be in the Outer Banks today, and yesterday for that matter, but big fat Irene decided to ruin the front half of our vacation week. The kids were bummed. Jeremy and I were bummed so we needed something to do and get everyone's spirits up. We headed into DC to an exhibit I have wanted to take the boys to all summer at the National Building Museum. This guy replicated all of these historic buildings in legos. It was amazing! The buildings were huge and took hundreds of hours to create. Cameron in particular was in heaven. But the best part was the build it yourself area where they had limitless legos for you to play and build with. Cameron told me he could stay there forever. He built a jail, Gavin built a boat, and Mason built some kind of tower. They also had a little kids play area with every kind of block you can imagine and train tracks and trucks and dress up stuff that everyone but especially Mason loved. I know he loved it because from the moment we entered he began singing and didn't stop until he started screaming when we told him it was time to leave. This was a boys heaven! We peeked at the other exhibits they had and thought the art out of canned food was pretty neat. None of us had ever been into this museum before so it was fun to be able to check another one off of the list. Due to the hurricane most of the museums were closed for the day so we were lucky to be able to go. I think everyone had a great time and were able to forget- for a least a bit that we were not at the beach with our toes in the sand.


Corri said...

Sorry about your bad luck with the weather, but that does look like an amazing museum!

I actually can't stand legos, but I wouldn't mind them in a museum. They just drive me crazy in my house!

just jen said...

ok...we are SO going there! hope your vacation sorts itself out!