Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I bet it's funny reading a post on my blog entitled "Sisters." As a mother of three rambunctious boys, it may be hard to believe that I came from a family of 4 girls, and am the youngest by some seven years. Growing up, I never really realized the gigantic gap because I had a sister that would play with me and do kid things even though she was ten years my senior. I don't know what I would've done without Becky. In our family, my sister Lisa and Kristin were always pretty tight, and the same went for Becky and I. Becky always stood up for me, protected me, cared for me, and loved me far beyond what was required as a sister. When my family moved to Argentina when I was seven, I cried every. single. morning. going to school for six months. The compound where my school was had elementary, middle, and high school all on one campus, so Becky rode the bus with me. I clamped tight onto her leg when it was time to get off the bus and she would have to walk me to my room and coax me off of her. My teacher would come and get her out of class because some days I just wouldn't stop crying and she was the only one who could comfort me. I remember the night before her wedding, she chose to forgo a bachelorette party for a night with her 13 year old sister, and I remember sleeping in her room that night, imagining what it would be like without her. As we both got older, things changed, but I always knew I could still come to her to talk. I rejoiced with each child born into her family and welcomed an opportunity to be a short term nanny to her oldest when he was first born and I was home from college. When she was pregnant with twins and I found out I was due to have my first a short 4 months later, I was so excited, hoping that our kids would become great friends. They have. Becky's husband, Kenny works for the State Department and they travel all over the world. Their family has lived in Tel Aviv, Brazil, Colombia, and now Australia. I hate that she is so far away and that months and years go by without seeing her and her family. I just want them here. These past 5 weeks having "home" have been the best. We've seen each other almost every day and my kids have waken up each morning asking what they will be doing with their cousins. The summer has flown by because we've stayed so busy. I've loved every minute. They got on a plane yesterday and we won't see them for two years. It's almost too big to comprehend. Mason is asking where his favorite Uncle Kenny went. Gavin wants to play with Casey, no Megan, no Ryan, no Sean, and Cameron sobbed when he found out they were leaving and Dylan wouldn't be able to play with him anymore. Me? I want my sister back. The same sister that was always there when I needed her in second grade. I'll be counting the days, Becky.


Kendall said...

Oh my goodness they are all so big! I wish we could have seen them when they were in the states!

Kristen said...

Oh this is so sweet Erika! You made me want to cry reading it. How fun to be so close to your sister, though the miles between you are so far.

Marsha said...

Ah, what a great tribute to your sister. This warmed my heart to read. That's awesome that you are so close.