Sunday, August 21, 2011

A week full of fun!

We Johnson's are living it up before school starts! This week was jam packed with fun activities. On Wednesday my mom and I took the boys to Busch Gardens for the day which is always a treat. Thursday Jeremy took the kids to the Demolition Derby at the Prince William County fair. The kids get free tickets there from the library and their nightly shows are a favorite of ours. Friday we had planned to go to the rodeo, but the weather forecast was looking grim. We decided to go for it, and about halfway through it POURED. We had brought a blanket with us just in case and all huddled underneath it for most of the barrel racing until it stopped. We were wet and cold, but we had to see the bull riding. All I have are some before pictures because we were afraid the camera would get wet and took it to the car. My favorite part of going to the fair is the people watching. Living here in the "south" the fair sure does bring out some real rednecks and it is quite the entertainment just to watch them! Saturday I had to work, but Jeremy took the kids to the Flying Circus and their annual balloon launch and I met them there. He is responsible for all of the pictures taken there (thanks, hon!) The planes do all sorts of cool tricks and then they set off about 20 balloons at sunset. I think it is so beautiful to see the sky littered with these vibrant colored balloons. The boys enjoy watching them get the balloons ready to take off and the fire they have to ignite to get them to fly. It's really interesting, actually, but I don't think we'll be taking a ride any time soon! This next week will be more low key as we gear up for our beach trip next week. We are all really looking forward to it! Cross your fingers for no hurricanes this year!

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