Saturday, May 7, 2011

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

A few weeks ago we were at the mini library by our house and I noticed a flyer for a fundraiser one of the schools was having to raise money for our library. What caught my attention was the lego competition they were having for the kids. Cameron is my die-hard lego guy and recently Gavin has been getting in on the fun too, so I knew they would love to make something for the contest. Cameron worked especially hard on his reproduction of the Washington Monument complete with reflecting pool and tourists and Gavin made a small motor boat with a man driving holding dynamite to ward off the piranhas. We entered with the kids having high hopes and us parents trying to be more realistic and today was the judging. The kids were thrilled to find certificates by both of their creations. Gavin won first place for his age group and Cameron had won second! That would have been enough right there but the kids got some really awesome prizes- Gavin a huge lego set and Cameron three containers full of miscellaneous legos. They also both got a lego computer game. You would have thought we hit the jackpot! It has been lego heaven all day. Watch out for those Johnson boys at the next lego showdown!


Lisa Allen said...

That is pretty awesome!!!

Anna See said...

That's awesome! Our lives revolve around LEGOS here. In fact, my husband just to J to Legoland for his 12th bday.

Heather said...