Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Iron Pig

Both Cameron and Gavin started baseball in April. Due to all of the rain that we had, most of their practices were cancelled and their games were pushed back. Last week was Gavin's first game of the season and he couldn't be more excited to play T-ball. His team is called the Iron Pigs and he thinks that is the silliest name ever (I do too). Every day he asks me if he is going to Iron Pigs today- so cute. Since the kids had hardly practiced, the first game was a bit of a disaster, nobody knew what to do and people were yelling from all sides trying to help but not succeeding, it was pretty funny. But Gavin was proud as a peacock to finally be in the spotlight instead of having to watch his older brother from the sidelines. He ate up the attention and he thought he did awesome. I sure do love to see them in their darling little uniforms, trying to look so tough. Now Mason is the one stuck on the blanket in the grass and with two older brothers in baseball, he has twice as many games to sit through, poor thing!

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LindsayAnn said...

It was so cute to see him in his uniform last night. BTW I was scanning the room and the hats last night. I did a double take on this one in particular, it was classy and elegant. I was so jealous. I wanted to snatch it off the person's head, although I didn't know who was wearing it. I could only see the back of their head. I thought to myself, their hair is done up way to cute for that. Later I saw it was you. I should have known.