Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Puddle Jumpin'

It's kinda been a rainy mess here the past few days and it's supposed to rain the rest of the week. Instead of complaining about it, today we chose to embrace it and make the most out of the couple of hours between thunderstorms and find some good puddles to jump in. A good puddle has certain characteristics- not too shallow but not too deep, not muddy or squishy, and wide enough for two brothers. It took us a while to find suitable jumping puddles and the two littlest boys loved not having any limits on their splashing (unlike the tub). Mason bowed out first, annoyed that his clothes were getting wet, but Gavin continued until I had to drag him out like a wet rat. This part of having boys I love, this activity sure ain't for no sissy girls!


Angie said...

You're so thoughtful to take the boys out puddle jumpin! Love it that you embrace these types of things E!

Kristy said...

Yay for puddles! You got some great shots of some great fun. We walked home from church in the pouring rain today and OP had the time of his little life jumping and splashing in the puddles. Ah, to be a little kid again!