Thursday, June 24, 2010

B is for Books and Baseball

For our B day we went to the library to sign the kids up for the summer reading program. We've done this for years now, and every week there is some type of coupon incentive like free Chic-fil-A kids meals or admission to House of Bounce. They also get a prize for reading a certain number of books. We go through books pretty quick in our house, especially in the summer when nearly every day has some down time and I need the kids to relax for a bit. We also went to Borders to turn in our reading lists for their summer reading program where if you read 10 books you get a book for free. The free books were good ones too, like Judy Blume, but they were all books for kids Cameron's age or older, so Mason and Gavin will have to grow into theirs. Yesterday I also started reading Alice in Wonderland to the kids at lunch. I was inspired by a friend that reads a more grown up book like this daily to her kids and this year Cameron's teacher read them James and the Giant Peach and he loved it. Gavin was bummed that there were no pictures, but our mealtime was quiet and the kids actually ate all their food without a fuss! Beginners luck, I know, but I'll take what I can get!

For Father's Day this year we got Jeremy tickets for him and Cameron and Gavin to go to a Nationals game and matching team shirts. The game was yesterday as well which was perfect for our Alphabet Summer. They rode the Metro to the field which was a real treat and had hot dogs and peanuts (can you believe they didn't have Cracker Jacks?) It was a HOT and sticky day but they toughed it out and spent some quality time with their Papa doing what Jeremy loves.

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Brooke said...

Erica!! I'm so glad you posted your blog on your facebook account! I love the alphabet summer idea, maybe I'll have to steal it. I also love seeing your darling family!