Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year

For New Year's Eve we spent lots of good family time together.  We played board games and watched a movie and had our traditional fondue dinner with cheese and chocolate.  We let the kids stay up this year,
but poor Mason konked out during our movie.  I woke him up so he wouldn't miss our balloon drop and milk and cookie toast, but it was like waking a bear from hibernation- we all were growled at.  Eventually his mood improved and we were able to see the ball drop and toot our horns.  We made some resolutions, and Cameron wants to work on his habit of complaining too much, Gavin wants to learn to write more neatly and Mason wants to learn how to draw stars and animals.  Jeremy would like to get in better shape and I want to quit yelling so much and spending too much time on my phone.  Wish us luck on our goals!  

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