Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Christmas to Remember

This Christmas season was different for us.  I really feel like we were able to enjoy the lead up to Christmas more than in years past.  I don't really know what we did differently, but somehow December was more relaxed and I loved it.  After two attempts to see Santa, and a 3 1/2 hour wait the second try, the big man found out what all the boys wanted.  This was an especially big year for Cameron as he insisted in knowing the truth about Jolly Old St. Nick.  Christmas Eve and today, Christmas Day we spent as just our family and it was really nice.  We spent a good amount of time reflecting with the kids about the birth of Jesus and watched some great classic movies.  This morning the kids were up at 6, but we were able to hold them off until 7 before they insisted on getting us out of bed.  I made the boys bean bag chairs they they loved- especially Baldwin who thought he had received three dog beds! All three got what they most wanted- an ipod touch 5 for Cameron, 3DS for Gavin, and a remote control car for Mason.  Of course we ate well with a buffet Christmas Eve and a surf and turf dinner today.  I hope the creme brulee I tried turns out yummy.  We are looking forward to celebrating again tomorrow at my mom and Jeff's with Jim and Judy and Kristin and her family.  So thankful for the magic of Christmas and three little boys that make this day even more special.  I hope the excitement never ends.

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