Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Unique Winter

This winter has been one for the history books.  Sub zero temperatures have been a recurrence and wind chills have kept the kids home from school and us stuck indoors.  We got some snow this week, not much, but in combination with the temps, the roads have stayed icy and the kids have not been to school all week!  If they don't go tomorrow, which I'm betting they won't, they also get off Monday and a half day on Tuesday for teacher workdays.  Add another day and a half and that will be as long as our Christmas break!   We have tried to keep busy, and Cameron had a 24 hour stomach bug to liven things up, but mostly we have been hunkered down watching a Star Wars marathon and drinking gallons of hot chocolate.  Tomorrow is also our last snow day left on the school calendar, so if we get much more weather like this we will likely be going to school until July.  It is so cold that one of our pipes froze in the house and burst down in the basement.  That ordeal was not fun at all, but luckily we are getting new carpet and paint thanks to our insurance.  And just because I uploaded some photos, you will also see Gavin's first pinewood derby car which he raced this month.  In true Johnson fashion, his car finished dead last.  One of the wheels didn't turn right.  Did I mention that Jeremy is now Cubmaster and in charge of the Pinewood derby?  Please, somebody teach him how to make a decent car for our kids!  If we get just one that does ok, I promise we will just repaint it each year and never bug you again!   Stay warm out there!


Jimmy Depetris said...

Star Wars marathon on a cold day? Must've been awesome to indoctrinate your kids to the ways of the Jedi! I wonder if they tried using the Force in fixing up that busted pipe of yours. Winter usually means faulty pipes, but looking at your post, everything was resolved nicely. The dark side of the force lost this time!
Jimmy Depetris @

Lovella Cushman said...

Glad to see you’ve figured things out with the frozen pipes, before it ruined your winter fun. You don’t want those plumbing problems getting between you and your cozy Star Wars marathon. I hope this winter will be as lovely and unique as it was last year for all of you -- minus the frozen pipes, of course. Have a happy holiday!

Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing

Traci Romero said...

A Star Wars marathon seems like a great way to bond with your family on a cold day. Anyway, it’s good to know that the problem with the frozen pipes was fixed immediately; therefore it didn't kill the joy of your time together. Well, thanks for sharing this awesome holiday escapade! All the best to your family!

Tracy Romero @ Harris Plumbing