Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Over Winter Break we took the kids to see Frozen, an adorable movie about a girl that accidentally froze her town.  Today it feels like Elsa used her powers on Northern Virginia, the temperatures are in the single digits and the wind chill is as much as 20 below zero.  It hasn't been this cold in 20 years and everyone has been bracing for the big chill.  School was cancelled today because the county was worried about kids that walk to school and at bus stops, so we had an extra day of vacation and have been spending it well drinking hot cocoa and taking hot baths.  We also tried a cool experiment where we blew bubbles outside and watched them freeze- so beautiful, but we didn't last too long before having to run inside to warm up.  It's the kind of day where you just want to climb under the covers and watch a movie or read a book.  It's supposed to warm up a bit tomorrow so I'm sure it will be back to school and back to regular life, but we are enjoying the time we have to snuggle today.

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