Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Snowy Valentine

This is the snowiest winter I can remember.  The kids have had so many snow days that they have had to add days at the end of the year and take away some holidays.  We have had to get pretty creative with things to do inside since even the kids got sick of the snow.  We went to the indoor pool several times, watched all of the Star Wars movies, and found long forgotten toys that needed some love.  We didn't have a single full week of school since before Christmas until mid February and the kids have loved staying home.  Mason in particular, however was devastated that they did not have school on Valentine's Day and could not exchange Valentine's.  This year he chose Yoda ones with glow stick light sabers and he filled them out all by himself.  If you look closely at the pictures you will see the two that he added an extra "heart" you to two for some special little girls...Gavin picked shark Valentine's and Cameron Harry Potter.  The Harry Potter ones made me laugh with sayings like "I like your Long-Bottom" and "Dumbledorable" and "Muggle Snuggle."  Lucky for them they still had their parties when they went back to school and all was right again.  We are ready for some spring around here and some time outside!

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