Monday, September 2, 2013

BYU Football!

There is nothing like the thrill of rooting for your college team up in the stands with all the fans around you.  I remember like it was yesterday being a student at BYU and getting season passes to the football games, game day excitement was contagious!  Our boys have never been to a college football game, let alone a BYU game, so when we heard that BYU was coming to UVA there was no doubt that we would get tickets and shout for our cougars.  The tickets were actually a gift to Jeremy for Father's Day, and the game would be the book end to our glorious summer.  We set off yesterday to Charlottesville and attended Cougartown where we had lunch and rubbed elbows with some other fans and alumni.  I even won a hat in the raffle!  We headed to the stadium in the stifling heat and found out our tickets were in the direct sunlight, glad I got that hat!  The first quarter was hot and boring since nobody scored but then the clouds rolled in and they announced a thunderstorm warning was in effect and that we would all have to exit the stadium.  Crazy!  We, along with everyone else it seemed, went across the street to the gym and sat wall to wall people as the storm crashed outside.  The power went out twice and it was two hours before the game resumed.  We were anxious to get back to our seats and the game until the downpours started and once again we headed for cover.  We kept wondering if we should just leave but our car was parked a good 15 minutes away and we would all get drenched so we waited it out.  Once the rain stopped the game was in full swing anf the Cougars were ahead.  It was an INTENSE game and it gave me such pride to see my boys jumping up and down and yelling for BYU.  In the end, there were a lot of mistakes made by our team and UVA won by 3 points, but I tell you what, it was a FUN time, even with all of the kinks.  The kids will not forget this one.  So glad that my kids are getting old enough that we can all enjoy going to a game like this and that they can actually get into it.  Rumor has it they play VA Tech next year and we will totally be there!

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