Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fun in Myrtle

Last year we had such a fun time in Myrtle Beach, we decided to head down again for our beach week this year.  Adding to the fun was my sister Kristin's family that stayed in their RV right next to our resort.  The kids always have so much more fun when their cousins are around and we all enjoyed the beach so much the first day that we took sunburns back with us.  We learned our lesson and applied sunscreen more frequently the rest of the week.  All of the kids loved riding the waves in this year and Rachel was so patient and protective of Mason, carefully making sure he was ok after each wave.  The biggest problem this year was the jelly fish.  We haven't had problems with them before, but almost everyone got stung this year which thankfully only caused momentary pain.  Gavin and Courtney took lots of breaks to dig in the sand, and Cameron was our constant boogie boarder.  One day all of the kids collaborated to dig a giant pit that reached above Mason's head!  One night we all went to Friendly's for ice cream and each family got a 12 scoop, 6 topping sundae to split!  No problems polishing that off!  We also all took part in a dance party the campground was having and man can those kids boogie!  We also went to the pier to see what the fishermen were catching- ribbonfish mostly, which are silver eel like fish with really sharp teeth!  We also saw a sting ray that was caught.  And you simply cannot go to Myrtle beach without going mini golfing, there are about 100 places to choose from, all with a different theme.  We went to a Peter Pan themed one and it was quite remarkable.  We also walked on the boardwalk and got our fudge and fed the ducks out in front of the building where we stayed.  Poor Gavin got a bit too close to the edge to feed the swans and fell into the pond!  Luckily the only casualty was one of his flip flops and his pride.  This year we also got our own fireworks- the kind they don't allow in Virginia and shot them off on the beach.  It was incredible and we can't wait to get more next year.  I just love the memories made with family that these kids will carry with them the rest of their lives.  Friends are awesome, but cousins are forever.  So glad to be helping strengthen the bond.

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