Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New School Year 2013

It seems like every year the summer flies by a bit faster than the one before.  There were so many things that we wanted to do that we just didn't have time for and now it's back to school once more.  Yesterday we had a special fondue dinner with the kids and talked with them about the new year and the goals/expectations we have for them during this next year.  They all seemed to be excited and nervous about the next day.  This morning Cameron woke us all up at 7 am with his piano practice like we had discussed and the kids enjoyed a cinnamon roll breakfast.  Grandma came to see the kids off with us at the bus stop and I was fine until someone asked me if Mason was really old enough to go to school too.  When the bus came Mason didn't even look back or hug me goodbye, he was not afraid at all, and with two older brothers he doesn't need to be.  Now I'm just a little bit teary feeling sorry for myself being all alone.  Mason isn't one of those kids who will be crying missing their mommy, I was more worried about him being able to open everything in his lunch.  I can't wait for the report when they come home.  Now, it's cookie baking time!

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Corri said...

As always, beautiful pictures and beautiful boys! I hope that their first day was fantastic.