Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Johnson Family Reunion 2013

Over 4th of July, Jeremy's family had a reunion at his parents ranch in Cushing, Texas.  We drove the 20 hours over two days there and two days back.  Surprisingly, the trip was not as bad as anticipated and the kids were stellar.  New movies from the library and books on tape were lifesavers! When we got to the sprawling 150 acre ranch, we were welcomed by aunts, uncles, and many new cousins.  There are 17 cousins of which Cameron is the oldest, and 12 of them are boys!  This place was perfect for all of these little boys, there was so much to do!  We enjoyed using the 4 wheelers to explore, used the paddle boat on the pond, rode horses, helped grandpa feed the 80 head of cattle, hiked, went on a wagon ride behind the tractor, had a bonfire, made an industrial sized slip and slide, jumped on the trampoline, climbed the hay bales, and had a great time getting to know each other.  We also saw fireworks and did some tubing at Lake Nac.  These boys of mine were in heaven!  And Baldwin got to come along and roam the prarie like a real farm dog! Gavin loved riding his horse, Chica and is a self proclaimed horse pro now, Cameron could not get enough of the 4 wheelers, and Mason loved being pulled behind the boat on the lake.  Bruce and Jamie had this planned perfectly and we ate like royalty.  We left all too soon and made some lasting memories with our far away family.  We are all really looking forward to another reunion soon!

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