Sunday, June 23, 2013

Westmoreland State Park

We just got home from a camping trip with the Mudd's at Westmoreland State Park.  Several people had recommended this little gem of a park due to its Fossil Beach  on the Potomac River where you can find shark teeth from millions of years ago as well as whale bones and other fossils that wash out of the cliffs nearby.  We camped in a tent which reaffirmed my disdain for such activities.  It was dirty and wet and the bathrooms were disgusting and far away from our campsite.  But the kids had a blast with their cousins just romping through the woods.  We enjoyed our hot dogs and s'mores, did the pool, and went hiking- you actually have to hike down to this particular beach and it's a steep climb back up!  We did find a few shark teeth but it wasn't as easy as we thought.  There was a man there that was some kind of expert, he had found about 25 in the time that our whole clan found 7!  And the kicker was that the teeth fell out of the backpack pocket on the hike back up.  All that work for nothing!  Most important were the memories made with sweet cousins that hopefully will last a lifetime.  We'd go again, but not in a tent!

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