Sunday, July 21, 2013

Date With Kid #1

So, many of you will remember our zoo outing a few months ago that did not go as planned.  One who will remain nameless refused to go into any of the "stinky" houses and complained about how much he had to walk nonstop until he had ruined it for the rest of us.  There and then I decided that this summer I would take my kids out one at a time to do something that only they would enjoy.  Cameron was lucky enough to be first and he chose the spy museum in DC.  We have never been there before and I had heard from friends that it was really for older kids so it would be perfect for Cameron.  Not only did he have me to himself, but Grandma as well and it could not have gone better!  We rented the new Skyfall the day before so he could watch a real Bond movie and learn all about spy gadgets.  The museum did not disappoint!  We chose a "cover" as we entered and had to memorize certain information that we repeated at checkpoints in the museum.  There were all kinds of gadgets from lipstick guns to button cameras, to dog poop microdot containers.  We learned how to recognize suspicious behavior, and heard about real life spies as well as those in the James Bond movies.  Cameron loved seeing the souped up car from the movie he'd just seen, and crawling through the ducts like a sleuth.  He even got to design his own lair and make his own disguise as well as hang from a beam with the wind blowing at him trying to beat Bond's time.  It was this little boys dream, but would not have been appropriate or interesting to his little brothers.  So glad that we did it.  Afterwards we had our first ever lunch at Shake Shack with the yummiest burgers and shakes for our very hungry tummies.  It was a trip well worth it and hopefully to be remembered for a long, long time.

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Shake Shack said...

Thanks so much for making Shake Shack a part of your special day out! It always makes us happy to hear feedback like yours.

Hope you had an awesome day, and our team can't wait to see you again soon.

Brandy, Shake Shack