Saturday, July 2, 2011


This year I am so proud that two of my boys are Piedmont Tsunamis! Gavin is pretty young at 5 on the team, but he has persevered through practices and excruciatingly early and long meets. Cameron has blossomed within the last year and can really compete! He competes in all the strokes and today he got first in his heat for breaststroke and second for backstroke. Gavin swims freestyle and backstroke, but he has yet to qualify his time in back because he always turns around to see how much farther he has to go. We'll get there :) I am just amazed at the progress these two have made and am probably the loudest mom out there cheering on my boys. They make my heart burst with pride. Go Tsunamis!
My favorite angle:
Gavin "diving" in for freestyle
Gavin in backstroke

Cameron in breaststroke

Best Buddies

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Jen said...

We love swim team! My boys love the swimming and the competition. I love that they've become such strong swimmers! Keep having fun!