Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Patriotic in The Plains

For the fourth of July this year we went with several families from church to Great Meadows in The Plains. It was perfect for tailgating and we got the best spots right in front of this big field where the kids could run and play. We played with the little streamer/confetti firecrackers and had a water balloon toss. We ate lots of junk and watched these 6 helicopters fly back and forth which the boys loved. Once the sun was down, we waited until the show finally started. The fireworks were great and we even got out quickly before most of the crowds. Besides all of the fun, we tried to explain to the boys why we celebrate this day of freedom. We are truly grateful for all of the liberties we enjoy in this country and for the men and women who fight for those rights.

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Lynette said...

We did have the perfect spot this year, didn't we! What a great fourth of July!