Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Day at Busch

We were THRILLED to hear that the Wilkinsons wanted to take a day to go to Busch Gardens with us and even more thrilled when my mom agreed to go too. We have season passes again this summer and have already been twice this year, but you don't have to twist our arms to go to this awesome park. Especially on a Wednesday when the crowds are next to nothing. We didn't wait long for any of the rides and every single one of us had a blast. My favorite part was going on Apollo's Chariot with my mom that hasn't been on a roller coaster for probably a decade. She was so giddy and laughing so hard the entire time that I had to crack up as well. She was like a little kid all day going on all of the rides, it added so much to our trip. The kids were in heaven having so many cousins to ride their favorite rides with them. We got soaked on all of the water rides and made our way around the whole park with just enough time to watch the fireworks from the parking lot. The day was overflowing with so much happiness and laughter and the kids never complained once. Even though we got stuck in awful traffic on the way home and didn't hit our pillows until 1 am it was still awesome. It truly was the best day ever and I'm so glad I got to spend it with so many that I love.

See Sean, Ryan and Jeremy on the left?
The scariest coaster I've ever been on- The Griffin- It hangs you suspended for 8 seconds before dropping you straight to the ground.

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Lynette said...

WE've been twice this year and absolutely LOVE it!!! We want to go atleast once more! How fun to go with family!!